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week 12 & comment


a)      Imagining you are a theatre critic attending the opening night of the play, write a review of Arcadia?

, by Tom Stoppard, was a very intelligent form of theatrical entertainment as it switches back and
forth between the 19th century and the present day. 

The play is set in one room overlooking a garden in Sidley Park.
However, the play creates a twist as the characters in the 19th century:

The play
addressesmajor questions as itexplores the nature of evidence and truth in the context of modern ideas about history, mathematicsphysics, science and art.
Stoppard's wordplay and clever intricate plotting is what makes this play a masterpiece as he employs humour and wit to bring serious topics to the surface.


Comment on ladayounes
I really liked your entry on Under Milkwood as Mrs. Pugh haha it was really convincing, especially how you described your husband as a grumpy and miserable old men who does noting but eat, read and sleep. That was really funny!!!

I enjoyed how you set the scene when you stated that the “skank Polly Garter” was not to be trusted and how she always manages to find herself in a situation surrounded by males! It was entertaining, and very original…. ***** 5 stars ^.^


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hehehe joke...

week 10 CREATIVE


Precious are the memories we keep through the years, 

the fabric of life stitched with laughter and tears.

Woven from good times and dreams that comes true, 

and loved ones and places our hearts belong to.

A patchwork of stories traditions and smiles, 

thoughts that travel through time and by miles. 

Precious are memories that wrap us in love,

and speak to the heart every time they’re thought of….

Inspired by rainbow.
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getto chicks



I was doing an education group assessment on substance abuse and came across this youtube clip
it pretty much shows you the symptoms that you should be aware of...

watch the 30sec clip

anyway, i thought you may like to know some treatments available to fight this epidmic... 

To date, there is no standard pharmacotherapytreatment for the management of methamphetamine withdrawal or dependence. However, medications such as antidepressants and dopamine agonists (which block the effects of stimulant drugs), are being trailed for their effectiveness in managing meth withdrawal or dependence. 

Therapeutic Communities
is when the client becomes a live-in member of a community for a period of months or years, where the people work together to help each other.
The Problem is that this option may not be popular with young people or people who dislike rules and regulations. Clients who have a shorter drug-using history and greater family or social support are more likely to stay in the treatment longer. 

Not all drug counselling is the same; there are many different forms of individual and group counselling available.
          -cognitive behavioural therapyis proven to be the most effective treatment for meth users as it combines psychological interventions and behavioural therapy that help increase users skills to cope with life stresses

Specialist services
are most likely to see meth users who have suffered from depression, experienced psychotic symptoms or have experienced behavioural problems. These clients require skilled clinicians and a range of resources in order to manage these complexities as meth withdrawal also appears to be quite different from syndromes associated with other drugs. 

Although the efficacy of complementary therapies, such as acupuncture or herbal medicines, may not be established, they may, like substitution treatments, provide a means of attracting meth users into treatment. 

Many meth users prefer to manage their use on their own, with the support of friends and family, or with their GP. Thus, health care workers or a GP is ideal as the first step to treatment.

is often a vital aspect of the recovery of people with drug problems. Self-help groups are made up of people who are directly affected by a particular type of drug problem. The groups are controlled and run by their own members, rather than by professionals. One of the great advantages of self-help is the deep insight and understanding of problems that groups can offer members. Many self-help groups can also provide a range of valuable support services.
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Week 9 entry and comment


a) How relevant do you think Orwell’s views on the abuse of language are to today’s society? 

b) What for you is the most essential insight of the novel 1984?


Entry on (a)

Orwell’s views on the abuse of language are very relevant to today’s politically dangerous society. The main story line is carried through the views of Winston as he portrays feelings of frustration by the oppression and rigid control of the party. The abuse of language can still be seen through our world leaders as language is manipulated and simplified to direct the public’s attention towards only the things they wish to reveal. Orwell illuminates upon this when the catalyst refers to the theory of ‘new speak’ and ‘old speak’… I believe this would truly destroy one’s ability of true self expression because the simplification of descriptive words would only limit ones communicative power.  Although Orwell wrote “1984 to sound the alarm in Western nations still unsure about how to approach the rise of communism” I believe that his views on the abuse of language is still very relevant today as you can see from the EVIL examples such as President Bush to the inspirational speeches of Martin Luther King, both have used language to manipulate the audience weather it be for good or bad intensions they are still flooding the mind of the individual of the capacity for independent thought.


Comment on (b)

I agree totally with Marc when he thought that the most essential insight of the novel, 1984, “was the way in which humans are essentially self-serving creatures. Cynical and depressing as it is – I think Orwell puts this idea across very clearly. It is for this reason, our need to survive, that torture and the like are such successful ways to extract confessions out of people – and the reason that such confessions should never be taken seriously.” Orwell’s depiction of the “Party” was a very exaggerated but honest reflection on humanity. However, it is not all that bad, the novel does also make me feel so much appreciation for the ability to love and relate, to talk and to question, to feel emotions.


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Just wanted to share a pic of 
My Baby!!! 
 he's so cute

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Week 7 entry + comment

Week 7
Describe the impact on you of your favourite piece of writing from  Woolf


20th century writers, film-makers, and artists often utilize their works to depict the world around them, and the difficulties that humans face. In doing so, these artists strived to remedy the difficulties and bestow a deeper connection between the art work and the audience. One ‘artist’ who impacted me the most was Virginia Woolf through her writing, “Professions of Women.” (p2152 Norton)


Woolf’s freedom of thinking about gender issues and relations impacted on me greatly. Women in the 21st century have greater freedom and independence from the pressures of society about gender roles. However, they still battle their “phantoms”/ the “angel in the house” who still lurk in our minds.

I think that Woolf’s interpretation of the angel was spot on, that is, it represents the ideal woman, the image that every female is STILL pressured into becoming.


Woolf illuminates upon the angel as:

Intensely sympathetic.

Immensely charming.

Utterly unselfish.

                                                                                                Sacrificed herself daily.

Excelled in the difficult, arts of family life.


In short, she was so constituted that she never had a mind of her own, and preferred to sympathize with the minds and wishes of others.


The conversation in the tutorial was interesting as one of the females in the class admitted that she eats the burnt toast and gives the good one to her brother. Unfortunately I have to admit doing the same…

This piece of writing engaged my mind and really made me think…

Women have fought so hard for their rights yet people like me and even some sisters and housewives still put others needs WAY before our own, and find nothing wrong with it. 

Comment on Ghettoman


I agree that the impact of ‘Mark on the Wall’ is profound and the reader is made to examine the 
inner and outer textures of life.

I concur that Woolf is using the possibilities of the external world and giving them an abstract life. It creates layers for their minds to delve upon.

“I want to sink deeper and deeper, away from the surface.” (Norton: 2083)

This literary piece truly reflected on the importance of reflection. It really made me look within myself and understand the dimensions of our thoughts, ideas and artistry, and what significance they hold to our own experience. 

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lil Munchkin!!

 So whats been going on ai....
This is my nephew Ari, he is 1yrs old now...
if i didnt have so many assessments then i would go and see him more often but i guess i have to wait til the holidays... hmmmm ... life is so unfair LOL ^.^


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week 4 + comment

Do you think Conrad and Coppola are identifying one of the root causes of continuing violence in the world today?

I believe that Joseph Conrad’s book, “The Heart of Darkness” and Francis Coppola’s movies, “Apocalypse Now” are identifying one of the root causes of continuing violence in the world today. Both forms of art are illuminating upon the deep seated issues of power and how people would go to any lengths (i.e. violence) to gain such supremacy.

The quest for power and suppressing the weak has haunted our history repeatedly and this darkness has always lingered within us.

Conrad and Coppola use their respective characters Marlow and Willard as a means to expose and address these issues in order to create deep connections between the audience and the texts. 

Through Conrad’s insightful writing, Marlow’s role is to reveal how he struggled with the concept of the darkness within. Marlow portrayed how he continually described the things he needed to do on the surface, because “when you have to attend to things of that sought, to the mere incidents of the surface, the reality- the reality… fades.” (Conrad. 1915) Thus, it is evident that Marlow distracted himself with elements of the ‘external world’ to keep himself occupied and protected from the profundity of the deeper issues, as he was exposed to the truths of the world within.

This is no different to our actions today!!!

We are all guilty of turning a blind eye to the violence and wars around us…

I personally thought it was fascinating how Conrad and Coppola uprooted issues of violence, imperialism and power struggles to reflect their perspectives onto the world today.

Comment on konfusion_11

I thought your detailed description of a landscape that has haunted you as much as the jungles of the Congo or Vietnam haunted Marlow or Willard was pretty creative and captivating. Even in the first lines, the sentences were so short it was almost as if my breath was taken away from me as I was thrown into this haunted landscape. The descriptive language was great, the “ripe browns and bloody reds that litter the earth” around you really stimulated my imagination. It was also funny how I held my breath to listen for the “dull throb of your pulse in your ears” and then took a breath when you wrote; “finally, you draw breath.”